Celia at 1 month

Today Celia is one month old and went in for her 1 month checkup. She’s 9 lbs 9 oz now and 21.5 inches long according to the measurement today. At two weeks they had her at 22 inches, so someone messed up somewhere. We’ll see what next month’s checkup looks like for length. Healthy as a horse and gaining weight quickly. She’s getting a bit fussier, but she still smiles frequently when she’s awake. Gas and needing to go #2 are her usual complaints, or that I’m trying to get her to go back to sleep when she’s just wide awake. When she’s awake there’s not much to do but give her something to look at that she finds interesting, like the blue bucket or something made of wood, or her baby gym octopus. She’s got some baby acne now, doc says that will clear up in a few weeks. She’s got a LOUD piercing scream when she feels I’m misinterpreting her signs, but generally that’s because I’m trying to do something for myself or Josie before sitting down to nurse.

Josie likes to play doctor a lot too, we’ve thankfully got a month now without any appointments for the kids.

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