Halloween 2010

Last weekend Josie had her first Halloween where I think she actually got the idea. She was scared of the idea ahead of time, she told us she didn’t want to do it. So we say alright and didn’t force it. That morning we had a get together with my friends from my mom’s group at Crosby park to hang out and show off costumes. We did some group shots, but they were all kinda ehhh because of harsh lighting and lots of squirmy kids.

Then in the afternoon we had an event at Waldo Park, our local playground with food and drink and meeting up with the neighbors. It was very well attended, Josie almost walked out the second she saw it the place was so crowded. We got to see our friends and have a hot dog but the night was cold, so it didn’t last too long. We headed out for group trick-or-treating with the neighbors.

The first house Josie was very unsure of what was going on, so we only went to houses where we knew people and let Ethan, the almost 5 year old, go first to show the toddlers how it’s done. After the first house went well, and then the second, Josie was running between them as she had definitely gotten the idea. We had a little trouble getting her to say the ‘trick or treat’ but she was great with the ‘thank yous’. Celia spend the afternoon asleep in the carrier on my chest, which was good, because again, it was dang cold.

So have you guessed her costume? It’s hello kitty! I expect we’ll see a lot of the hat this winter, it’s soft and cuddly.

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