Josie at 2.5

Today is Josie’s half birthday! I still didn’t buy her the cupcakes at the grocery store when she asked. I’ll have to write a big long thing out about her development and such but right now I’ll just go for more pictures as Josie’s had a cold, Celia’s got it now, and it looks like Jordi is coming down with it.

We’ve been moving a lot of clothes around with the change of season, so Josie took advantage of the tubs around to play in.

We’ve also been enjoying all the tissue paper included with gifts and made some ‘stained glass’ art work together!

She’s also been enjoying playing some more complicated pretend games like grocery store cashier. She likes to scan everything, you’ll often get more money back than you gave her, but she forgets to bag a few of your groceries too.

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