What’s cookin?

Lately we’ve tried a few new recipes as I try to find more foods without tomatoes in them or spiciness to keep the heartburn in check. Let’s start with the big FAIL. Coconut rice and beans, can’t recommend it, we even ended up throwing the last bit out after eating it 3 times, it was just that unappetizing. Maybe it would have been better if I had made it with white rice per the recipe, but we only had brown rice in the house. It was just entirely bland and a chore to eat. Onto the successes!

To usher in the fall season, we made pumpkin muffins today. They are yummy and sweet, Josie called them cupcakes. Dairy free for my mom too. I intend to make some cream cheese frosting for them to make them extra good, but they might be good enough without it.

Last week we also made banana, oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies. This is a fun one for a couple of reasons, a) there’s no eggs, so it’s easy to make with small people who want to lick their fingers and not get sick, b) it has no butter (but does have oil) or sugar (discounting the chocolate), yet they’re still sweet and gooey, and c) it’s loaded with fiber (good for my fellow pregnant ladies!). Josie repeatedly proclaims her excitement for them, but takes one bite and then leaves the rest every time. I’ve enjoyed them as did my parents and Jordi.

I’ve had my eye on this recipe for pecan pie muffins, although it’s hard to imagine calling them muffins when they’ve got more sugar and butter than flour. Just gotta get to costco for some cheap pecans for pie season!

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