Labor day!

Weekend that is. We enjoyed a relaxing trip down to RI to visit our friends Stef and Koos and their kids Xander and Zoe to celebrate the weekend with a BBQ and friends. We brought our bounce house which was a big hit and we were glad to be able to use it again. Amongst this group of friends I’ll only be the second one to have the second kid and their kids are mostly a couple of months older than Josie. It’s a very different dynamic getting to look at the older kids and see what they’re capable of in only a few short months beyond Josie. Toilet-training is in full effect with most everyone and the ability to hear what they’re all thinking is funny. It’s nice to not have to be eagle-eyed hawks over the kids too as they generally play better together.

The super-short video below is of the pinata. Josie was disturbed that we were purposefully trying to break something, given how often I warn her not to do something that might break something. She did a good job trying to whack though for her age. It took a couple of grown men (using only one arm) to bring it down though.

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