Mothers day 2010

For mothers day this year we got up nice and early and went to Sound Bites Cafe for breakfast in Ball Sq with my parents. That place is hoping early in the morning, we unfortunately managed to be just the beginning of the line, but we made it through with a tasty and filling start to the day. Met up by chance with several other moms I know which was fun and then headed off to the Franklin Park Zoo.

Combining mom’s getting in for free with our membership, we all got in for a free day at the zoo! Yeah for being cheap. The day was sunny but breezy and chilly. We had fun running…

Despite pushing the stroller around the entire place, Josie just bounced from person to person being carried when she wasn’t walking. At least the stroller carried our stuff, but perhaps we’ll leave it at home next time.

The peacocks were out and about walking the grounds and making a lot of noise. Josie’s favorites were as usual the playground and the gorillas were a big hit this time. Pretty much because one of them was smearing on the window and then dining on his poop. This had the preschool set watching just howling with laughter. I did not take a picture.

Josie also begged multiple times to ride the carousel and she actually had a good time for once, rather than being quietly reserved.

Just before lunch, we made a trip back to the petting zoo and Josie pet and kissed a goat. We can see who was in charge when this kiss happened, I was behind the fence for it.

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