First trip to the beach 2010

In early May we had one hot weekend and hit the beach with our neighbors Christina, Chanh, Ethan and Zach. We went to Crane’s beach. Josie was excited to go, but decidedly unsure about the experience and was asking to leave after about half an hour. The water was still obviously very cold and the big kids were running around splashing. But we got her back into it with some snacks and playtime in the sand and tide pools. The boys were more excited to dig holes (although Ethan, taking a cue from Josie, delegated the task to his mom while he ate). Here’s Zach and Josie digging.

It was great having some more adults and kids around to be able to switch up who was watching who and who was around to talk to. It was a beautiful day and a real nice break from the norm, at least for those under 4 ft tall.

Later in the day, the tide came in and the beach was very narrow. There was a small amount of beach left between the open ocean and a tide pool, by the time we left, crossing it was a little dicey.

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