I’m scared

Over the last month or so Josie’s personality has changed a little to include the idea of fear. She has gotten slightly more cautious physically, although she’s still throwing herself all over the playgrounds. But emotionally she has shown real signs of fear, such as at the guy dressed up as a pink monkey at the park trying to sell himself as birthday entertainment. She was a little uncertain around some animals at the zoo (although the flamingo’s were a huge hit this last time). Tonight was the biggest showing, she had asked to read “The Cat In The Hat” as she’s heard it a number of times now. But halfway through, when Thing 1 and Thing 2 appear, she broke down into tears and told us “I don’t like that”. We put the book away and picked out another familiar favorite to end the night, but even as she went to bed, she told me ‘I’m scared’ for the first time I’ve ever hear her admit/verbalize it. She was heartily reassured that everyone is here for her and will keep her safe, including buddy Zach, she verified, and she has now fallen asleep.

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