Photography class #2 – semi-automatic modes

In my second photography class we learned how to adjust the depth of field, ISO, and shutter speed and took pictures using the semi-automatic settings on the camera. Our job was to purposefully get pictures of something frozen (that should obviously be moving) and to take a picture of that same thing blurred in motion, showing our control. We also were to take pictures of objects in a row and make them all in focus and some of them out of focus. I didn’t do so well on those shots, mostly because Josie didn’t like me lining up her toys, she kept moving them and I didn’t get close enough to really get the desired effect.

Objects frozen in motion:

This one I used the ‘take a bunch of pictures in a row’ setting on the camera to get a frozen one and her mid-air.

Non-frozen motion photos:

And my failed depth of field adjustment photos:

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  1. Pa pa Says:

    The camera’s face recognition setting might be thwarting your DOF intention. You can easily get a DOF effect using the macro setting if what you want in-focus is small and up close.

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