Ice Skating

Most every weekend my dad goes ice skating. His friend Bert usually joins him. I try to join a couple of times a year. Josie watched us do it once a few weeks ago and had a good time. Yesterday we asked if she’d like to try to do it herself, we showed her videos on youtube of other kids skating, talked about how she’d wear a helmet and she was enthusiastic.

We got to the rink, got skates for her (too big unfortunately), and got all the way dressed just in time for the bell to signal time to stop skating for an ice cleaning break. So we waited while that happened, Josie had a snack. In that time they thankfully found the one pair of size 6/7 skates that they have and gave them to us so she had the right size skate on. They let people back onto the ice and off we went. Josie was dragging us in front of people trying to get to the ice!

We brought her out to the middle of the ice and the expected happened, she tried to stand, she fell over. We held her, she struggled to stay on her blades at all. She lay on the ice and we spun her around, she really liked that. She got to go around a few times with grandpa being held. She spent a bunch of time in the team boxes playing with the door to the ice. We skated a bit more in the middle, she still didn’t get much of the hang of it. She said it was time to go, and so we went.

I think she had a pretty good time all things considered. She got closer and closer to being able to stand on her skates on the ice and she definitely learned how to walk on them on the rubber floor by the end of the day quite confidently. I don’t think we’ll try again soon but definitely next year I expect we’ll do it again! After skating we retreated to Panera for some much deserved hot chocolate, soup and sandwiches.

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