New milestones

At this age, the milestones have definitely slowed down or are not as obvious a change as from non-mobile to walking. Today though Josie showed some real progress on her journey to using the potty. She spent the entire day from wakeup to bedtime in underwear. She had one small accident while literally getting out the unfamiliar potty at a friend’s house but otherwise was dry all day, including nap. This including a trip out of the house to playgroup and to a friend’s house! Yah for Josie! We barely even need to remind her anymore, in fact I think she gets ticked that we do ask her.

And I’m getting some milestone’s too, my photos are getting a bit better I think, here’s one from class.

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  1. Lee Says:

    I think that photo is excellent! Love the intimate feel of Josie and Jordi working together.

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