Happy Birthday Jordi Weekend!

To celebrate Jordi’s birthday (and Chanh’s) we packed up this weekend and went back to the Cape Codder Resort with our neighbors and friends Christina, Chanh, Zach and Ethan.

Jen, Josie, Jordi, Zach, Christina, Chanh and Ethan

Jordi, Josie and I drove up early Friday afternoon and Jordi crashed for some much needed sleep after burning the midnight oil several days in a row. I took Josie to the wave pool which she loved just like last year. Each time we went she was more and more ready to get into the pool immediately. She liked to kick and hit the waves.

Waking up daddy after going swimming

Later in the afternoon Christina and family joined us. Our two families had connecting rooms and the kids were crazy just running back and forth and all around. It worked out really well to have the extra space to move and playmates to have fun with.

Josie and Zach working together to buckle baby into the high chair

Our rooms were also really well located just upstairs from the wave pool, as demonstrated by the photo from our room!

The outside of the wave pool, as seen from our room

We had cupcakes, which made me Ethan and Zach’s best friend for a few minutes. It was tough keeping their hands out of the cup cakes while trying to light them on fire though! I slightly surprised Christina by getting her name on a cup cake too since her birthday was only the weekend before!

Cupcakes yum!

We did a tiny bit of sight seeing around Hyannis, but mostly everything is closed this time of year except for restaurants. Jordi was especially disappointed in all the closed ice cream shops. Looking at this picture of the beach I took you almost can’t even tell it’s winter, it looks downright inviting if I couldn’t still imagine the freezing winter beach breeze while I took it!

Beach in Hyannis, viewed towards Hyannis

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