What’s cooking?

Lately I’ve found some time to do some cooking and have picked out some new recipes. Some have been good, some have not. Here’s what’s gone down:

  • Chili Cheese Corn Muffin from Rachael Ray. These were edible but that’s about it, they made a regular non-sweet muffin and added chili and corn and Parmesan cheese to it which we’ve decided is just wrong. Plus mayonnaise in muffins? Kinda ick. We’ve been trying to work our way through them, but it’s been rough. Previously Josie and I made corn muffin’s from the Magnolia Bakery cookbook, those were good. Jordi says to next time take those corn muffins and add cheese and chili’s.
  • Cake Balls! Yum yum, but somewhat a pain to make. They take a lot of time for cooling, it was helpful that it’s winter because I just stuck the cake out in the snow to cool down. They are delicious, especially keeping them in the freezer. We used chocolate my brother in law just sent us from Brazil which was a nice added touch! Jordi thought they went nicely with a chocolate martini. Cake ball and martini
  • 17 bean soup from Trader Joes. I added in some cheese rind from some old cheese which I keep around for this purpose, adds salt and flavor. It was nice, nothing inspirational. Feels good on a cold winter’s day and very healthy.
  • Sweet potato Gnocchi. Sweet potatoes were cheap cheap cheap a few weeks ago and so I had to find a way to make them in into something more interesting than just baked sweet potato. Here comes the gnocchi. I got a lot of help from the toddler set in mashing the potatoes, both Zach and Josie. These took a lot of physical labor to mix it all up, but they were exceedingly tasty and I have several bags of them in my freezer. When made with the accompanying sauce of brown butter with sage (and maple syrup) they were decadent. potato gnocchi
  • and tonight, Tapioca pudding from non-instant tapioca. Let’s hope it’s good!

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