Jungle Island 2009

At Christmas this year in Miami we went to see the revamped Parrot Jungle, now Jungle Island. I had been as a kid and I remember I burned through probably two rolls of film taking pictures of these amazing birds doing tricks. Without thinking, I promised Josie that a bird would ride a bike on a high wire, not knowing of course if they still did this trick. Luckily though I was not made a liar and at the bird show they indeed had a parrot riding a bike on a high wire. The show was great and we saw the world’s only trained Cassowary. Josie was snacking during the show and to our embarrassment right while this huge bird is doing it’s tricks (swallowing whole apples and small babies), she dropped her snack trap down onto the stage with this huge bird that kills more people than alligators in New Zealand. Thankfully the trainer picked it back up for us and didn’t kick us out.

Josie really loves animals and so anything zoo-like is just fabulous to her. Later on we went to the tiger show which Josie loudly narrated for us. ”CAT CAT’ ‘MILK’ ‘BOTTLE’. They were feeding the tigers on the stage with bottles of milk. She thought that was great so when we saw the opportunity to be milked of our money feed goats from a bottle that was a must do event (4 times). The goats didn’t get milk though, they got kool-aid.

Josie feeding a goat a bottle

Josie also loved the bounce house they had at the park. The only problem is of course is that she is tiny compared to the rest of the kids. We tried to wait until it was more empty and send her in then, but then tons of bigger kids would show up once she was inside. She held her own though and didn’t seem to realize the potential danger while we bit our tongues from the ground and encouraged her on the path out.

It was a great day, not too hot, lots of animals, Josie was not bit by a bird. I call it a success.

Gilbert, Jen, Josie, and Tere on a turtle

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