Thanksgiving 2009

This Thanksgiving we celebrated with my dad’s sister and family.

Everybody with the Graybills

We even did an early Christmas present exchange so we could see people open their gifts! Here’s Josie playing with her airplane. Maybe she shouldn’t be a pilot.

Josie's flying airplane

We had a nice calm visit even if the drive down there was a little rough. Josie doesn’t sleep like she did last year anymore and so we had to have a 3 ring circus to entertain her through all the driving. We also saw our cousin Sue and Jeff and their daughter Erin, and Josie’s favorite, their dog Zeke. Josie was awestruck by Zeke, he’s huge, over 100 lbs. She thought he was great, but Josie is so short that she got bowled over once when she went running and Zeke went after her.

One of Josie’s favorite aspects of the holidays has been delivering gifts. Here she is, again lifting heavy objects, with Zeke in the background too.

On the way home we left later and stayed overnight in a hotel just into Connecticut. It had the warmest pool I think I’ve ever been in, just shy of being a gigantic hot tub. Josie loved it and we ignored bedtime to get in two swims on our quick trip. Her favorite game is jumping into the pool and watching us all pretend to drown ourselves.

Jordi and Josie in the pool

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