The games we play

Josie has started to play games that require some imagination and creativity. Hide and seek is a favorite. One she likes to torture  us with the irony of play with us is to pretend to ‘sleep’. We each have to have our own pillow and blanket and she’ll lay down for a few moments before she declares herself ‘all done’ and that we should ‘get up’.

Also pictured below are her ‘monster’ pajamas which she insists on wearing almost every night. I ventured over to the boys side of the store as I was sick of the pink and I’m glad I found her some other fun clothes. There are even a set of eyes on the feet! For now, monsters are like any other animal she’s never seen in person, just a drawing that we’ve told her what they are. I wonder when fear of monsters will kick in?

Josie pretending to sleep wearing her monsters

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