18 Months Old

A whole year and a half. Who knew you could keep on going on so little sleep for a year and a half? I certainly didn’t. Thankfully we’re having a good time and it seems Josie is at least getting enough sleep!

She’s so smart in our obviously unbiased view. She just loves loves loves buckles. She goes to the park and plays with the buckles on the stroller. She likes to play with the buckles on all high chairs too, despite then buckling herself into them and getting stuck. She’s getting better and better at them all the time. Thankfully she can’t reliably unbuckle anything yet!

She’s mastered all the puzzles we have for her now, so we’ll have to find some new more challenging ones. She’s also obsessed with books, especially the newest ones she has gotten they seem to be most interesting. I keep trying to bring out older ones but she keeps picking out the new ones. She’s clearly working hard to learn the stories and words and anticipate what comes next. She also likes to point out the little consistent details, especially cat-related ones.

One thing we commonly hear from other parents that makes us proud is how well she plays with others and shares. That’s not to say she doesn’t have trouble with it at times but she’s always working to learn what it means to ‘take a turn’ every day. She has learned to ask for her turn “Josie turn!” instead of grabbing and shoving most of the time. She offers an apology when she accidentally hurts someone.

She really is a pleasure to be around most of the time especially now that she’s only taking one nap a day (transitions from sleep are rough at times). One thing we’ve found helpful to keep her cheery is to offer as many choices as we can for her to control her day, such as if she wants to brush her teeth first or put on her pajamas first at night. Also outdoor and run-around time (like most toddlers) is mandatory for a happy kid.

Josie’s very coordinated, she can climb the ladders at the park, jump off the ground with both feet at the same time and runs most everywhere without falling down too often. We’re working on a somersault currently, she’s almost got it, gymnastics classes start the week after next!

Hide and seek has become a big game lately. If she’s counting you’ll hear ‘three three three…’ or more like ‘tree tree tree’. Like most other kids her age she’ll hide in the same spot again and again. If I hide myself completely under a blanket she will sometimes be fooled still, I don’t imagine it will last much longer! She also is using her imagination more clearly, we make lots of pretend phone calls to people at work (grandpa, daddy, Christina, Zach). She’ll cook a pretend meal and feed it to her stuffed animals. She actually is getting to be a little helpful in the real kitchen too, washing vegetables for me in the sink. In fact, I can’t go more than two minutes in the kitchen cooking without hearing ‘up, see’ because she wants to see what I’m doing! This is getting long, so you get the point, here’s the short list of details:

  • Size/weight: size 24 month/2T clothing, 22.5 lbs and 33″ tall
  • Favorite food: breastmilk, cheese, pasta
  • Favorite toy: “cat”, “baby”, puzzles, phones
  • Favorite books: Time for Bed, Hey Wake Up
  • Favorite activity: Going outside and playing with other kids, hide and seek
  • Sleeping: bedtime ~8:00; 1pm ~1.25hr naps; gets up ~6am
  • New skill: bigger words like “elevator”
  • Teeth: 12. 6 on the top and 6 on bottom
  • Vocalizations: Constant, lots of commands and always learning new words, starting to make sentences

Beautiful Josie at 18 months

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