Little miss smarty err, shirt

Today I took Josie and Zach to the Franklin Park Zoo. On the way out I noticed that Zach’s shirt was wet. He seems to sometimes take water in his mouth and then decide he didn’t want to swallow it after all, so he spit it out on himself. I go find his extra shirt to give him some dry clothes and put them on him. Josie insists that she needs a new shirt too ‘shirt shirt!’ and I tell her that her shirt is dry, she doesn’t need a new one. I put Zach in the car seat and come back to get Josie. What does she say? ‘Shirt wet shirt wet!’  and indeed her shirt was wet now. She had sucked on her shirt to get it wet so she could get a new shirt too. Little miss smarty pants 😛

Josie in the firetruck at the zoo

2 Responses to “Little miss smarty err, shirt”

  1. Pa pa Says:

    You’ve got to be on your toes!

  2. Pipita Says:

    It means that she knows right well what is happening around her and what also she wants. Wery smart girl.

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