The joy of the swing

Some people like to go to different Thai restaurants and keep trying the pad thai or the crab rangoon at different Chinese restaurants. Josie seems to want to be a bucket swing connoisseur. This week for instance, I took Josie and Janie to the new Cambridge Common playground just outside of Harvard Square. This place is crazy fancy and probably best for bigger kids. It has a merry go round type wheel, except this one is perfectly level to the ground so you don’t run really fast to get it going and then try to kill yourself getting on. It also has benches so that I could take Josie on it comfortably. The playground also has a really funky swing that is like a tire swing except it is a flat platform rather than a tire so you can’t fall through. They also have (non-steep) rock walls, slides, sand, blocks, and water flowing contraptions. What did Josie want to do? She wanted to swing and just take it all in.

Josie loves to swing

[photo credit to my neighbor Chanh]

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  1. Pipita Says:

    Her face denmostrate that she is enjoying a lot.

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