Oh boy a new playground, what’s that 15 foot tall thing over there?

Week before last, before our zoo membership expired, I decided to make a solo run to the Franklin Park Zoo. I was a little nervous as this place is big and Josie is known for wanting to be carried everywhere and it was a hot day. Nevertheless it went very well although every time I tried to take her picture (backing away slightly), she’d get very upset. Even when said photo is next to drawings of animals, not actual animals. Therefore I don’t have many photos nevermind good ones.

She was done looking at each animal very quickly. About ten seconds after we got there, she’d say ‘all done’ or ‘bye bye’ and be on the lookout for another one. Then again all the big sleeping cats aren’t a novel sight really either. I enjoyed getting to point out the pictures in her books of the animals that we saw!

Her favorite part was unquestionably the playground. She was fairly attentive to the chickens, ducks (great we don’t see those everywhere already!), gorillas, and the prairie dogs. She also pet a goat, but not the black one, the cream colored one was the only acceptable one, the black one made her cry. All in all it was a nice mother-daughter bonding day at the zoo and got us out of our normal routine.

Josie and the gorilla statue

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