Communication and frustration

Josie has started to pick up some more words. Lately we hear a lot of ‘up’ and ‘bye-bye’ continues to be a favorite. She also says ‘hat’ and ‘hot’. And she also says ‘ba ba’ to mean avocado, so we’ve got a ways to go. Alternatively she understands most everything and we’ve resorted to spelling some words around her (such as avocado and park). Thankfully she’s starting to have a little patience for delays because of her understanding, such as when I had to bring the groceries in and put them away before we could go back outside and play. She showed a moderate amount of acceptance that I brought her inside and she sat and watched me put the food away. Once I finished, then she grabbed my hand and started screaming to go out.

She has gotten much better at making her wishes known by pointing and saying ‘yah/dah’ when we get it right or ‘no’. Or she’ll bring me my shoes and point to the door to let me know she wants to go out to play.

She also seems to know what she wants to eat most of the time so I’ve stopped playing the ‘do you want to eat this? game’ and instead I just open the fridge and put her in front of it and let her grab what she wants to eat. So long as it’s not soy sauce and it’s actual food, that’s what she gets. It’s much faster for me!

Unfortunately pointing and yes and no only get you so far sometimes and she’s getting a bit frustrated when she wants something and we’re just not catching on. She keeps trying to tell us though! Sometimes though that’s just her being tired and not knowing herself what she wants.

Zach and Josie at the park

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