Greek yogurt is good for learning to use a spoon

Whenever we can handle the mess, we give Josie utensils to help her learn how to use them. I’ve found that greek yogurt, being very thick and sticky, is a great food to use while practicing with the spoon. It’s also great because it has a ton of fat and protein. In fact, Josie really won’t let me feed her with the spoon so this is the only way she’s getting the food in at all. Sometimes she’ll let me load up the spoon and she’ll put it in her mouth herself. It’s not a food for when we’re in a hurry or I don’t want to do a total wardrobe change!

Josie and the yogurt

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  1. Pipita Says:


    She is learning a lot. She is the smartest girl I have ever known. Of course she is my grand grand doughter.

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