The boys next door

We are living in a great neighborhood and are really lucky to have such lovely neighbors on all sides of us! There are 4 kids within 4 months of Josie’s age plus a couple of older ones just in the few houses right around us. Next door though are some of Josie’s (and my) favorite playmates. Zach is just a couple of weeks younger than Josie. He thinks Josie is ‘da bomb’ if I interpret his frequent attempts at hugging her and giving her flowers (i.e. grass). Josie tries not to recoil too much when Zach (who out-weighs her by over 5 lbs and isn’t quite as steady on his feet) comes in for a big hug. Josie loves to follow Zach’s older brother Ethan (age 3.5) around and copy him much to Ethan’s frustration. She even copies him when he yells, although the words come out a little differently. We’re just really lucky to have them around and we’re all gonna be pretty sad when Christina (mom) goes back to teaching in the fall.

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