Happy cats

Here’s your birthday present, Larry, since you like to remind us to not forget our first children. We’ve learned that George loves cheese, Fred eats it sometimes, and Mio likes avocado. Josie also likes to offer her food to the cats (I have _no_ idea where she got this habit from).

Mio and his fang say hi

Ezzy and Fred relax in front of the TV

George checks out the sippy cup

4 Responses to “Happy cats”

  1. Pipita Says:

    I know where Josie got this habit from. Her mind is like a computer and she is entering in it all the programs she is catching from her enviroment, especially from her mom and dad.

  2. leg Says:

    yay, cats! thank you!

  3. gdad Says:

    Who is that behind Fred in the middle picture? If these are four happy cats, does that mean Kaya? Ezzy? is unhappy?

  4. jen Says:

    That is Ezzy in the picture, Kaya was just not being photogenic yesterday.

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