12 Months Old

I can’t believe it’s been a year since Josie was born! I’ve spent the last two days thinking about where I was a year ago since I had the joy of a long labor. About this time things might have finally calmed down and Jordi took Josie for a bath and I worked on moving over to recovery.

Now Josie isn’t a little baby anymore, she’s genuine toddler. I hung out with some babies yesterday and I realized how grown she really is, which has been helped by her in no small part learning how to walk at 8 months old. I enjoyed holding my friend’s babies! (I tried to teach them how to walk too so Josie would have more mobile playmates)

This last month Josie has shown tremendous understanding of us and both spanish and english words. She is using her sign language very well and can pick up new signs quickly when the mood seems to strike. I’m most of all impressed and appreciative of the fact that she tells me when her diaper needs to be changed. Although today, she learned that telling her dad that she needs her diaper changed while he’s working at home is an effective way of getting his attention.

Her new fascination and love is of stairs. We walk up and down the street climbing up everyone’s front stairs. No one seems to have minded yet. Thankfully we don’t have any actually in our house, she’s very good at getting up, but will kill herself going down them. I’m working on getting her to turn around but she isn’t a cauteous kid.

Here’s to another great year with our great little girl!

  • Size/weight: size 12 month are on their way out and size 18 months are fitting; check in for height and weight next week, but I swear she’s gained a lot
  • Favorite food: breastmilk, avocado, goldfish, zucchini, cheese
  • Favorite toy: ball, “cat”, other kids
  • Favorite books: ‘lift the flap’ animals, contrarios, baby talk
  • Favorite activity: Going outside, swinging and sliding, climbing stairs, eating
  • Sleeping: bedtime ~8:00; 9am, 2pm ~1hr naps; gets up ~6am
  • New skill: sign language explosion, climbing stairs, stacking blocks
  • Teeth: 8. 4 on the top and 4 on bottom
  • Vocalizations: lots of mama and dada but no real meaning to the words

Josie in her car

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  1. Pipita Says:

    Disfrutenla ahora, todo lo que puedan. El tiempo es como una estrella fugaz. Cuando despierten, ya la veran en la Universidad y manejando un carro , tal vez, electrico.

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