Word up

Josie has demonstrated a wider variety of words lately that she understands, here is a list as we can figure them out:

  • avocado (favorite food)
  • banana (common food because mom is lazy)
  • book
  • ball
  • sophie (the giraffe)
  • moo (the stuffed animal)
  • cat (all cats must be waved at)
  • kiss or besito
  • hungry/eat
  • hug
  • all done (as in she is all done eating or I am all done wiping her face)
  • clap

She has made no sign that she actually understands the word mama although she says it frequently. I’m surprised she hasn’t made any sign that she understands ‘change your diaper’ either since that’s such a frequent one.

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  1. Pipita Says:

    I’m more or less like as attonished with my little tressaurus. What more can we ask our Lord. He has given us this pretty girl who dance in all the scenes as fish in water. God Bless her.

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