With the teeth comes great responsibility

Since Josie now has 6 teeth, I thought perhaps we should start getting her used to the idea of brushing them. So I bought her a tooth brush and tooth paste (toddlers swallowable style). One thing confused me for sure though which was that they had strawberry-banana toothpaste for 6 month olds. For those not up on current food allergy advice, berries are not recommended until after a year. I looked at the ingredients and it only said ‘natural flavors’, so I had to assume it had some kind of strawberry something in it and put it back. It’s amazing how much stuff they sell that doctors say you shouldn’t use. (I had other nicer photos of her using the tooth brush, but this was the funniest)

Josie and her toothbrush

Josie and her toothbrush

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  1. Cheryl Says:

    Funny – I think RJ has that same toothbrush! I assume you’re talking about Earth’s Best Strawberry and Banana – we started using that when RJ was about 11 months despite the Strawberry Flavors (most “Natural Flavors” aren’t even made from a part of the fruit – although some are, so you really can never tell). He has no allergies, so we would’ve been safe anyway and he was so close to a year at that point and we didn’t have any family history of allergies anywhere on either side, so we weren’t really worried about it. Plus, we thought it was better than the saccharine and parabens and other chemicals that I can’t pronounce that are listed in the Orajel brand toddler toothpaste.

    If you have a family history of allergies, you might want to wait, but if not you’re probably fine. Before 11 mos, I just used water to get him used to the idea. Now at 21 mos, we’re working on figuring out how to spit – we only spit out food though – all liquid that goes in, stays in…just something to look forward to next year!

    Have a great day!


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