Jordi’s Birthday (Part 2)

On Jordi’s birthday we took Josie to a crazy kids playground place called Kids Playground. It’s a huge space with giant climbing mazes, dress-up/pretend spaces, and bouncing houses. It would be the most amazing thing for a kid in the 3-10 age set I think. Josie was pretty clingy for the first hour and then she got comfortable and was off to the races. They have a small space for little kids under 2 as well, but they don’t do anything to keep the bigger kids out which made things a bit dicier (we saw kids kicking and hitting one another, but I think they were siblings, which I suppose makes it slightly better?). But we had fun, and the adults can climb on the structures too which we certainly had to do with Josie although some spots were pretty tight!

She really loved to play in the little house and open and shut the door. She also liked chasing other small children. She did not like the big slides that had a lot of static. She also liked the sesame street characters painted on the wall and gave them several kisses.

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  1. Grandma Tere Says:

    Proud Birthday boy!!

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