Adventures in eating: egg yolks, olive oil, black beans, avocado

I’ve fallen behind in the food documenting arena again, but there haven’t been any great reactions. Over the last several weeks since she turned 9 months we were able to introduce some new foods like egg yolks and olive oil! She doesn’t eat or drink the olive oil, but I can use it now to cook some of her foods. None of these foods were particularly big hits to begin with, but after a few weeks of offering it to her Josie has decided that avocado now beats broccoli for best food in the world. Good thing the stores had sales on avocados last week. She will sit and eat almost an entire one in a meal. We started on black beans yesterday but it took a lot of cajoling to even get her to put it in her mouth. I expect that like avocado she’ll try them more later and like them more then.

One thing that the egg yolk and oil gave me was a chance to actually do some food combinations and cooking. For instance, I made her broccoli potato “fries” shown below. They weren’t a huge hit although I thought they were pretty tastey.

Her appetite for food has increased quite a bit and she will eat surprisingly large amounts of food. I’m also starting to appreciate the fruit that she eats because I don’t have to cook it, just cut it. I think the avocado mask she gives herself nightly also might be helping to improve her complexion!

Her cold from last week finally ended after almost three weeks, and that combined with the daily avocado and olive oil on other foods seems to have given her the small double chin back again which makes me feel better. This week she goes to the doc to confirm the ear infection is gone and we’ll get another weigh-in.

Broccoli potato fries

Broccoli potato fries

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