Party traditions

Now that we and a lot of our friends are getting the hang of being parents, some of the party traditions are reemerging, like pumping carving and holidays. We enjoyed the hospitality of Saru, Justin and Ryan and got to watch the kids have a ball and quibble over toys. We bought Josie’s new push cart and Rody over because she had just gotten them that afternoon and so we wanted to share. Worked out well as there was lots of excitement for both Ryan’s and Josie’s push and ride vehicles. Josie even gave Lilia a nice ride on the cart. Josie repeatedly seemed to want the same toys as Jace who is over a year older than her, she seemed to give as good as she got at least and neither were worse for wear. It is so neat to watch the different ages and developmental stages of each of the little ones!

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  1. Pipita Says:

    I see Josie is learning a lot. But Jen is accumulating a smart and sharp experience.



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