Baby loves disco

This afternoon we took Josie to a funky small-child event called Baby Loves Disco. It’s basically a party for small kids and babies in a real night club on a Sunday afternoon with DJs and real drinks for the parents. It was pretty overwhelming for small children but it seems like everyone had a good time. We went with a real big group of CMU alumni and their kids, and Craig and Alyssa who came to watch the rest of us make fools of ourselves so far as I can tell. Josie wanted to chase the lights around the dance floor but they moved much too fast for her. She also loves her new egg maraca that we picked up there. I also got my eyebrows waxed and Jordi got a massage (they have people peddling free samples of their wares at the party). It was pretty dark on the dance floor so we don’t have many good pictures. It really wore Josie out though which was great.

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    Thank you for posting this pic!

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