Adventures In Eating: Apples

The other night Josie tried apples. I had bought baking apples because I was going to bake them. But upon tasting it, I remembered that the reason that they are baking apples is that you are expected to dump sugar on them to counteract their tartness. Josie did not appreciate the apple too much that night. Tonight on the other hand she heartily approved of the golden delicious apple I had prepared for her. She ate it double-fisted.

We also used our new clamp-on baby seat for this meal and she seems to enjoy it. We’ll be using it as needed for holiday travel and it’s pretty dang convenient. It gets her right up to the table which makes it much easier for her to eat off the table compared with the usual restaurant high chairs. I even used it in the kitchen today to clamp her to the counter while I entertained her cooked right in front of her.

Josie eating apples in her new chair

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