First steps

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this in my earlier blog posts, but Josie took her first unassisted steps last Friday. (I blame it on my current strep-like disease) We were at a playdate of neighborhood kids and she just let go, stood, took a step, stood some more and then fell over! Two other mom’s confirmed that I didn’t just imagine it. She has since taken a couple of steps in a row. Our neighbor Gideon age 8 months motivated that first step. She still doesn’t even come close to crawling or pushing up on her hands and knees. But she loves to stand and so we got her this new toy shown below that she can practice standing with. We also picked up a rug for the living room and got rid of the coffee table in anticipation of her falling more as she morphs into the mobile world.

Josie at her music table

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  1. wingerz Says:

    nice going, josie!

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