A monkey’s uncle

We’ve seen a number of similarities between Josie and her uncle Javi at times. For instance we’ve been told that Javi was an exceedingly active child and walked early. Josie is already practicing walking across the room after a cat with us just holding her hands. She also likes to just let go of our hands, despite the fact that she can’t actually stand up by herself for more than a few seconds. She also heedlessly walks off of steps, counters, and tables without noticing the edge. While I do believe Javi has mastered the idea of edges and drop-offs, he still seems to be a bit accident prone. See a video of Josie lunging off the edge of things at my dad’s blog.

On a more positive note, Josie also greatly enjoys music, from banging her cups together or on a pot, to ‘helping’ her daddy play the guitar. Uncle Javi is actually a professional in this area, so we’ll happily watch her pick up his talent!

Josie strums

You caught me!

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