Josie’s first ear infection

Well here’s a title I wasn’t looking forward to writing, but Josie has unfortunately come down with her first ear infection. The previous colds didn’t seem to clear out fast enough and so she has an infection in her right ear and can’t hear anything. It was diagnosed on Thursday and hopefully she’s feeling better now but her sleep is still awful. That’s actually how we figured out there was a problem in the first place as she didn’t have a fever, but she suddenly refused to be put down in her crib at night and insisted on staying in bed with us. She was also waking up more often at night. During the day she was fine which was annoyingly perplexing, thankfully the doc has a device that unequivocally tests the ear drum’s ability to vibrate (no vibration = infection) and didn’t rely on outward symptoms. She is not a fan of the ammoxicillan, neither am I since I have to force it into her now. In theory by now she should have relief and she slept well on Saturday night, but last night was a wreck for no clear reason that sleeping in our bed didn’t even help.

Go Sox!

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  1. Stef Says:

    Try getting the ammoxicillan in a different flavor. Xander hates cherry, which seems to be the default. Just ask the pharmacist if it comes in different flavors and pick one that sounds yummy.

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