Sippy cups

Since Josie has refused the bottles rather vehemently I’m shopping around some for sippy cups to see if those might be acceptable sooner rather than later. Found an interesting post on the subject with regard to BPA-free ones since I don’t yet have much experience. I thought others might find it food for thought too!

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  1. Cheryl Says:

    We have a foogo, 2 klean kanteens, a think baby, a nuby (it’s the nuby that’s bpa free – apparently not all of them are), a born free, and a boon fluid.

    The ones we use most are the foogo, the kk, and the think baby.

    My favorite (and our most used) is the foogo. Less leakage and keeps the beverage cold for hours (not an issue with warm breast milk, but you’ll be using sippy cups for a while!). Best in show in terms of being leakproof is the kk – but it doesn’t keep milk cold since it’s not insulated.

    I don’t dislike any of ours, but the born free tends to leak and the fluid’s top popped off once when it was thrown at just the right angle (one time occurrence though).

    Hope this helps! We’re also bpa free around here. Try – they have a sampler package that we bought to try 4 of them – the price was better than buying all of them alone. Might also be good since Josie’s picky about nipples.

    Happy sippy shopping!

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