Baby carriers (part deux)

We spent a month with the EllaRoo Mei Tei until I went back to this months Babywearer’s meeting. This month they actually had just bought a Beco Butteryfly and so I snapped it up very quickly so we’d have some real time to try it out. The reviews on it are mixed.

  • Josie seems to really like it as she keeps falling asleep in it, especially when I have her on my back.
  • Jordi likes it pretty well and appreciates it’s easy back carry, but thinks it has a lot of buckles and adjustments (which it does).
  • I am not very enthusiastic about it, except that Josie likes it and the ease of the back carry (you just put it on like a backpack). I kept her on my back for two hours while she slept the other day without much wear and tear. I had her on the front for two hours while she slept and I worked at the store, and that was a little rough on me.

All in all, I am rather glad I didn’t buy it. They just came out with a new model of the carrier which has longer straps that might fit me better, now it costs even more though! We will continue to use it over this month to see how we like it and how we continue to use it. My wrap is more attractive now that we have some cooler days as it keeps me warmer, but it’s still rather stretchy. I’m interested in trying a Mei Tai that has buckles instead of straps so that they don’t drag on the ground when the baby isn’t in it such as this one. It has the same general shape, but fewer things to fiddle with. I also ordered another easy carrier called a Duo but that one came much too big (it’s a custom size) so it was sent back to get remade. Here are some photos of Josie in the Beco, we’re so enamored with the back carry that all the photos were done that way.

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