Now that I’ve got fewer scheduled activities while staying home I’ve taken up two volunteer pursuits. The first is coming directly from my choice to stay home, which is to donate the milk I’ve pumped in the freezer because I don’t need it and it’s just going to expire which is a shame. I’m working together with the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Ohio to give the milk to mothers/babies who are in need of it. I will continue to donate some new milk as well as I want to have a bit of my own freezer stash in case some unlikely medical issue were to come up or something.

The other thing I’ve been doing is volunteering at the local thrift shop which supports the local Fox library. It’s all kids clothes, toys, books, and stuff. I’m sorting items, organizing and running the register. I wear Josie while doing all this and she enjoys seeing the new people and being out and about. She tends to fall asleep by the end of the shift. One of the major benefits is that I get to sort through the donations prior to them going out on the sales floor. As kids are outgrowing things super-fast a lot of the clothes and items are in fantastic shape, but are priced really low and I can take them and buy them first. I know the store has a big pile of donated halloween costumes and I plan to pick up Josie’s there as well as a snowsuit. If other mom’s want me to keep an eye out for certain size/kind costumes (or at least let you know when it will go on sale) I’m happy to do so when I’m working. The savings are dramatic, such as a winter snowsuit for $10 and under and they’re often still in practically new shape.

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  1. Sharona Says:

    Hey Jen – when is the Fox open? I heard it has really random hours.

  2. jen Says:

    It is open Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9-noon, and Wednesday from 2pm – 8pm. They’re consistent but odd.

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