3 Months Old

This Tuesday Josie turned 3 months old. First the facts, she weighed in at 12 lbs, gaining 15 oz since the previous month. This month has been filled with wonderful and less wonderful experiences and some new skills. Last week Josie caught her first cold which was not so fun, but she kicked it pretty quickly. Some combination of growth-spurt, teething, and that cold have turned her output into some funky and surprising colors, but the doc says they are all normal. She is definitely having a growth-spurt this week as she just can’t eat enough some days, we’ll see how much longer the 6 month clothes fit! Hopefully another month since they’re all summer stuff. Her grabbing skills have improved greatly to the point of where she can sometimes play with her toys in the car for a short ride without getting upset. She has also started attempting to sit up, bringing her head forward in her car seat and other chairs. Her favorite book currently is “Baby Faces“. “The very hungry caterpillar” and “Este no es mi coche” also hold some attention.

Josie with her keys

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