Adios Forrester

On Monday I took out my work bag, preparing to return to work on Tuesday. Apparently the cats recognized it because here’s what they thought of that idea:

Cat vomit on work bag

And while Josie was in good hands with grandma during the day while I was at work and survived the bottles, by the end of the day Wednesday I was in agreement with the cats and decided to tender my resignation on Friday. Therefore for the time being I will be a stay-at-home mom and continue to take care of Josie. Jordi will continue to be a work-at-home dad because his company doesn’t have office space. We will all have more family time together, a less hectic life,¬†and a bit less money. My hats off to the moms pumping milk for their babies at work. My two days of doing it was less than fun, even though it was successful. I anticipate rejoining the workforce when I get bored of the home routine and Josie is a bit older.

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  1. Eileen Says:

    Hi Jen, Congratulations on your big decision. I’ll tell you it’s a big change – being home *indefinitely* vs being on maternity leave! (And the boredom comes in fits and starts!) I strongly recommend that you hook up with a local Moms group like your local chapter of the MOMS Club International. Our MOMS club has been a lifesaver for me, both in terms of finding fun (& cheap!) stuff to do with the kids, and in making some new friends. Good luck with your new adventure!

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