10 Weeks Old

Yesterday Josie turned 10 weeks old. She’s been practicing her skills a lot lately and here’s some of the new things she can do/has improved:

  1. bend her knees and adjust when she’s standing up rather than just lock her legs
  2. laughs vigorously
  3. grabs hair
  4. picks head entirely up and looks around while on tummy time
  5. drools ferociously
  6. pushes herself forward slightly with her feet while on tummy time
  7. puts toys in mouth with occasional success
  8. starting to screech
  9. will be entertained by cats chasing their toys in front of her, she has previously not paid too much attention to them
  10. smiles back when I smile at her
  11. drink from a bottle – she started off well, then decided she hated it, and with more practice she’s back on track

One odd thing she’s started doing at night is shaking her head back and forth while still asleep as if she’s saying ‘no’ extremely enthusiastically. Word on the playground is that other kids did this too and it’s nothing to worry about.

3 Responses to “10 Weeks Old”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Yup. Xander still does that on occasion. Stef says they do it to “clear their heads” but my theory is that they are looking around for milk in their sleep. Either way, nothing to be freaked out about.

  2. jen Says:

    Her usual waking up hungry move was to arch to one side and start whining, so this is oddly different for her. The other theory is that she’s having teething pain. I tried rubbing her gums last night while she was doing it and she did calm down and eventually woke up enough to eat (it was her normal 3am chow time).

  3. Stef Says:

    I didn’t just make that up, I read an article somewhere (Baby Center maybe) about the head rocking. It is a common self-soothing mechanism. 🙂

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