Josie’s first road trip

Last weekend we went to New York City with Josie to see the sights and visit with our friend Larry and cousin Will. We went to the Met, Central Park, FAO Schwarz, Chinatown, Financial district and some other places I probably forgot. Josie loved the bright lights of Chinatown at night walking around. She refused to sit in her car seat if she was awake and had to be carried by hand or in the wrap to look at everything.

We didn’t buy anything for Josie at FAO (although we did buy something for another friend) but we had a good time there. They had a nice place to change her diaper (unlike most of the restaurants). The salespeople were surprisingly staunchly pro-breastfeeding. I was looking around for a chair to nurse her in and the sales lady offered to get me a chair and put it anywhere I’d like. I told her wherever the chair already was placed was fine for me. She then told me that in NY mothers have the right to breastfeed their child anywhere it is convenient for them and again asked where I wanted the chair. I followed her to where the chairs were (in a back office) and nursed Josie there because it was nicely quiet and a non-distracting environment. Afterwards back on the sales floor another set of employees came up to me and asked if she was breastfed, I confirmed she was, and then they said ooh’d and ahh’d over her and said how smart she would be because of it.

Josie did relatively well on the road trip part of the journey, although the evening travel on the way back where we ran into traffic first from an accident and then night paving was unfortunate. The drive took a long time and went through Josie’s fussy time in the evening, but we all persevered and made it home in one piece. On the way home Josie got to see part of the gay pride parade in Greenwich Village because I was on the hunt for Magnolia’s cupcakes. Turned out the line was around the block for the bakery and so we decided not to stop after all.

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