Absolutely perfect

For the last several midwife appointments they have been concerned when they measure the outside of my stomach that the baby is getting “too big”. Despite the fact that they say that babies are generally within 20% of their mother’s birth weight (mine was 6lb 3oz and Jordi was small too). I really didn’t believe her though as their tape measure was obviously measuring belly fat too. After several weeks we relented to an ultrasound to check on this as they started to voice concerns about me using the tub for labor and delivery and shoulder dystocia (shoulders getting stuck and broken on the way out).

The results are in, and we were right, she’s completely on track. On Thursday at 37 weeks, 2 days, she is at the 49th percentile for weight, 6lbs 13 oz. Plenty of fluid and the best possible position, LOA (head down, back out and on the left side). Hopefully she won’t change positions in however many days we’ve got left. And they still say she’s a girl.

Gratuitous cat photo:

Ezzy with baby snuggle

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