Childbirth Classes

In early January, we started childbirth classes in preparation for labor and delivery. Among the many options out there, we selected the Bradley Method classes on the recommendation of several friends. The classes focus a lot on relaxation, nutrition, exercise and showing the husband how to be an active participant in labor. It is a lot of common sense and will hopefully lead to a natural birth when the time comes. It is a long set of 12 classes which will run until approximately a month prior to the estimated due date. We have also learned in class though that the average pregnancy lasts 41 weeks and 1 day, making us a bit skeptical of our 40 week date. That, and every baby we know lately has arrived later than “due”.

While our felines need no help relaxing on an hourly basis, they do appreciate the class because it comes with a workbook of articles, information and assignments. Ezzy and Fred demonstrate in the following photo just how well it can be used by multiple cats at a time even.

Ezzy and Fred sleeping on workbook

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  1. Cheryl Says:

    I had a wonderful Bradley birth! If you have any questions feel free to send them my way.

    I think the most helpful thing that I learned in our Bradley class was that yes, childbirth is painful, but that it is pain with a purpose. When I was in labor (and I had nasty back labor), that kept going through my head and it really helped. I also asked in my birth plan that no one even mention or offer drugs during labor, so that the temptation wouldn’t be there – and I think that worked too, because I didn’t even think about drugs during any of it. The other things that helped were the jacuzzi, being on my hands and knees with Lance pressing as hard as he could on my back, and sitting on the birth ball with my arms over the bottom of the bed.

    Oh, and get lots and lots of ice when it’s all over – even with no tears or scrapes, you’d be amazed by how swollen and sore a tiny little baby can make you.

    And to avoid tears…see if you can use mineral oil. My midwife used what seemed like whole bottles of it with perineal massage and well, it worked. It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world when you’re in labor, but I’d take it over the weeks of pain and itching from stitches that I’ve heard about from others!

    We wish you the best for the natural birth you desire! You can totally do it! I’m normally a big baby when it comes to pain and I was able to do it, much to the surprise of my mother who loves to bring up a lovely story about me, a bee sting, and the phrase, “make it stop” from my teen years.

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