Celia at 5

She’s still five! I swear! I’m really late on these posts, but still better late than never.

Celia turned 5 in October. So she’s almost 5 and a quarter, but I’ve still got a few more days before that’s totally true. Celia continues to be an incredibly vivacious little girl. She is always full of energy and constantly doing cartwheels, handstands and pushing up on her hands on top of things. Our upstairs which is currently housing a trampoline and a gymnastics mat with a lot of open space seems to really suit her. Celia has been progressing nicely in her gymnastics classes every week. She’s getting further up the rope, her cartwheels are mostly in a straight line and she can hold a very excellent handstand frequently. Right now Celia is working to get her back hip pullover on the bar and climb her way to the top of the rope. She’s also started on futsal (indoor soccer) after finishing up her outdoor soccer season this fall. She’ll pick up any sports equipment we’ve got around here and work on mastering it.

Academically Celia favors her math work than reading, although she’s fairly excited about all of it which is such a help. She’ll do a few pages of math, reading, and handwriting each day and then work on the group projects and learning that we all do together. She’s using 1st grade math right now and learning digraphs. She got fed up with the reading lessons for a while and we switched over to trying Bob Books to help her see how much she’s already accomplished since she can read the entire book from some of their sets. But she has not discovered the joy of reading. Sometimes she will read signs and posters but she’s not too excited about it yet. She loves to be read to, and we do that frequently. I’m looking forward to starting the Ramona series with her, since she may find she has a lot in common with Ramona. With math she’s just beginning to manipulate the numbers from 10 to 20 having mastered adding and subtracting in the sets below 10. She also loves to throw herself into art projects, including painting and perler beads. She also wants to start on piano now that my parents just loaned us their keyboard. Recently she started the code.org lessons on coding with great pride.

Around the house she helps me with the dishwasher (under duress) but she loves to help cook including peeling carrots, cracking eggs and mixing and measuring. Most of her day she wants  to hang out with Josie and do what Josie is doing. She loves to play games, although still struggles with not winning them. She also enjoys building her own creations with lego. This year Celia is in the same choir as Josie has been in and so you’ll find her singing all over the house.

She’s matured a bit as she better learns to handle disappointment and things not going her way. While crying is her frequent response to most problems, when we remind her she can often pull herself back together to talk about the issue with words. She’s also started to heavily mother Ewan as I think she has figured out that she can convince him to do a lot of her ideas and play her games. It’s harder to convince Josie to do what Celia wants to do, although we work on that as well. With Celia, when it’s going great, it’s going really great, and when it’s not, she needs a nap to recharge and get back to a nice centered person again 🙂 She has also hit the tough developmental milestone of starting to understand death more, and that of course coincided with Mio’s death. While she’s always been interested in discussing death and even making jokes, it has provoked some nightmares for the poor kid lately.

  • Size/weight: 5 and 6, 44.5 lbs, 45″ tall
  • Favorite foods: cheese, tomatoes, pasta
  • Favorite toy: dress up
  • Favorite book: Brave
  • Favorite activity: bouncing and flipping
  • Sleeping: bedtime ~7:45; gets up about 6:30, naps once a week on my demand
  • New skill: reading bigger words
  • Teeth: holding steady with all 20
  • Literacy: making her way through the Bob’s books series


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