P52 #43 – Inventing new games

Outside play

Now that the whole backyard/driveway is ours to play in, the kids have a lot more flexibility with how they play with their toys as all the toys are theirs, and we don’t have to worry about someone trying to drive up or drive away while we’re playing. We’ve also put in that compost bin you see behind Ewan this summer, which has been great at doing it’s job so far, making new dirt. The trees have also been tossing their leaves at us heavily this week as you see them all over the ground. The kids on the other hand think these cones are fantastic hats, goals, and other props. Ewan is waiting for Josie to ‘take his picture’ as he invented the ‘camera’ that Josie is looking through at me, it is a magnifying glass atop a cone. Ewan pushes the button down and says ‘click’ and then runs for ‘picture picture’. Who knows where he got these camera ideas from eh? Celia likes to wear the cone on her head for a ‘cake party’ that the adults are not invited to. They also re-imagined the game of hockey using their big bouncy balls and their rakes as sticks to whack the balls back and forth. Can’t wait to keep updating the backyard into a fun-zone for all of us.

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