Cape Cod 2015 (Part 3)

Our other big activity for going to Cape Cod is always the beach! We went for two big trips, and then again for some picture taking sessions. The kids loved digging in the sand. Celia and Josie loved going out deep in the water and playing on the boogie boards. They were a lot more confident this year than last and wanted to go out beyond the safe areas. At one point the tide was coming back in so fast that we almost got in over my head and I had to pull them back in against their wishes. Also for fun in the water was the new phone case I got my dad that is waterproof. So we took it out in the pool, and out in the ocean and it kept working and snapping and we didn’t even loose it!

Ewans early morning face

The mulligan clan

Silly Celia

The three loves

\My parents laughing

My dad flying his kite! We didn’t lose it this year!

Kite flying
The kids up in the lifeguard chair!

Up on the lifeguard chair

Ewan on the beach Josie on the beach

The picture of Ewan with the duck whistle, RIP duck whistle 2015.



The turtle wars!!!IMG_0914

Smiles on the porch with sisters goggles!


One day I made oobleck for the kids, cornstarch and water. Cheap easy entertainment when you can get messy outside!


Jordi under water!


Josie in the water!


Celia on the boogie board!


Post beach nap.



Ewan on a boogie board!


Here’s how non-graceful I end up looking on my photo shoots, this time I had to do it in a dress. It was super windy!


Lots of these photos are courtesy of my dad.

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