Ewan’s first birthday party!

Back in August we threw Ewan his first birthday party! We kept it simple, yummy and fun at a local park with bagels, coffee, cake, and fruit in the morning with several families. We met up at a really cool playground with a zipline and funky merry go round plus a perfect play side for little kids. Ewan was thrilled to play for the morning with lots of his favorite people. He also had his first juice box which he quickly devoured. He wasn’t so interested in the cake. I made some cake cups (basically a cupcake with extra middle layer of frosting, inside of a cup so it’s easier to eat at a park) and he wasn’t so excited about that. We tried really hard to light his candle on fire for him, but it was too windy and we couldn’t do it!

Jordi trying to light the candle

The rest of the kids had a great time eating up huge amounts of fruit, juice, bagels, cream cheese and cake! We were so happy to see everyone who could come celebrate with us. Ewan went straight home and took a great nap.

E, Celia and Josie (with Koos in back)

E, Josie, Bronwyn, Zoe, Xander

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