The day after Christmas 2011

The day after Christmas and our last day in Florida we wanted to do some stuff together as a family. The girls were feeling a bit better although as I look back at the photos I can still see they’re pretty sick. We thought about the seaquarium, but Josie had already taken a nap by 9am and her mood wasn’t the best so we didn’t want to pay a couple hundred dollars to all get in and have her be miserable. So being the northerners that we are, we said, hey it’s 80 degrees! Let’s go to the beach! It was amenable with everyone and off we went to Miami Beach. The girls dug in right away, they needed no coaching on what to do and how to do it. Except for reminding Celia eventually that sand was not for eating. We even got a bit wet as the water was probably as warm as it ever gets in Boston. I saw a jellyfish but kept that to myself since I didn’t want Josie to freak out. Celia likes to do a lot of head stands these days and the beach was no exception, so they did some yoga (downward dog) together. Towards the end of the afternoon Javier buried Josie with a mermaid tail, and Celia with tiny castles. We all had a great time and it was a fun end to our trip in Miami. And some pictures…

Actually while Celia was digging in the sand like this picture, a group of people came walking up the beach with big cameras and stopped and started taking photos of her. I walked over and said ‘hey that’s my kid!’ and they walked on. Probably nothing but it brought out the mama bear instinct quickly.


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